[Typo3] Other colpos value than '0' using TemplaVoila

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Tue Jun 21 12:57:24 CEST 2005

Kraft Bernhard wrote:
> tapio wrote:
>> Well - this IS possible just by setting different colpos value using
>> the SELECT-menu, which is available, when you modify the content.
>> Needs just a little information for the user and shared content works
>> as I have intended!
> You wanted it automatic. Automatic is not possible. Manual selection of 
> course.

Yes I wanted automatic but because this matter concerns just *one* 
page/site it is not very troublesome to manually define this matter.
And when normally one person does this, this is solution is well enough.
> I'm happy that you are happy now and this discussion comes to an end.

Yes this is in the end.
But there are some details, which are not ok in TV view:

1) Icon garbage.gif for the action 'Unlink record' is confusing and 
misleading. You don't delete a record - like the icon tells you - but 
put the element just to 'Non-used elements'. Some combination of 
button_unhide.gif  and button_hide.gif icons, which tells that this icon 
GOES from the state visibile into hided - new icon needed?

2) The text 'Unlink record' is too TECHNICAL - it doesn't tell an 
ordinary user anything - 'Put to non-used elemnts' would be better,
because it EXPLAINS what IN PRACTISE happens to the element.
When you say 'Put to non-used elements' the user KNOWS that he can get 
it back by using the link 'Non-used elements' - the text creates NATURAL 
RELATION between those links. In general all title text should be think 
more PRACTICAL - not like nerds.

>> Not necessary - mixing principles of TV and MTB is enough.

> Mixing TV and MTB is TOO MUCH. (And makes TV much more complicated)

I don't mean new encoding. Setting manually different colpos value is 
using principles of MTB with TV. I don't mean that they should really be 

> I'm sure you will soon lear how to use TV columns correctly and will 
> have you shared content in TV columns

I have them now - the user just need to select in most cases different 
colpos value than '0'. I don't know other solution to this problem.

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