[Typo3] URGENT - Guestbook/Board Problem

Paul Della Torre pdellato at gmp.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jun 21 08:58:58 CEST 2005

Hi List,

Please, I have posted on this several times, no-one is answering. Am desperate,
I need to have this fixed by Thursday and deadline fast approaching. Have pity,
I have really tried every fix I can find with no solution yet.

Typo3 3.8.0
css_styled_content 0.2.2
tt_guest 1.0.8
tt_board 1.0.9

I cannot get Guest/Board postform appearing on page, I have changed
ext_typoscript_setup.txt for both tt_guest and tt_board with:
##postform < styles.content.mailform
  postform < tt_content.mailform.20
And emptied cache, then reinstalled all 3 (CSSSC/tt_g/tt_b) and repeated fix in
different order, then reinstalled Typo3 from scratch and the same process, all
to no avail...

I cannot get tt_guest or tt_board plugins to appear at all under items to
include in static templates - is this the problem?? How to fix?? I am not able
to find out any information on whether Guest or Board are even supposed to
appear in the template record - include static (from ext)!! I am able to see
tt_rating and 4 x different tt_news items, but nothing on tt_guest or

Would be extremely grateful for any assistance, any at all. I need sleep, and
its not looking good.


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