[Typo3] subparts.content.wrap

Simon Child simondt at gpuk.net
Mon Jun 20 23:52:52 CEST 2005

This works:

subparts.content < styles.content.get
subparts.content.wrap =  <div style ="float: right;">special content</div> |

But what I want to do is something like this:
includeLibs.mylib = media/scripts/user_myrandomimage.inc
myrandimg = COA
myrandimg.10 = USER_INT
myrandimg.10 {
  # function user_getimage is tested and working
  # it generates a random image, with caption, in a floating div
  userFunc = user_getimage
subparts.content < styles.content.get
subparts.content.wrap =  myrandimg |

But of course this just wraps the word 'myrandimg' instead of wrapping the
content (div and img tags) in myrandimg

How can I fix this?


[ I'm trying to put a floating div within the content area on most pages -
I'll exclude some pages with a condition. Of course if I put the div in the
content area of the html template then it gets replaced when I do
'subparts.content < styles.content.get'. So my idea was to wrap but I can't
see how to wrap an object rather than just wrapping text]

Simon Child

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