[Typo3] Re: Indexed search problem

Piotr Burda pburda at narty.pl
Mon Jun 20 15:00:17 CEST 2005

Nick Sutterer napisał(a):
> hi piotr!
>>On fourth level i.m presentong data from my own extension made in
>>kickstarter (it`s a simle product list).
>>Whats wrong ?
> i bet the output of your own extension isn't cached, so it won't be "seen" by 
> the index modul. you can check if it's cached by activating the admin panel 
> and opening the Cache menu. then browse on a level-4 page. if it shows 
> "no_cache = 1", it's obviously NOT cached.
> perhaps you even set no-caching in your extension?
> hope this helps,
> cheers,
> 	nick

My extension is cached, when i'm looking into tables from indexed search
i see words from this extension, but when i'm searching for such words, 
the search engine does.not find them


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