[Typo3] Shared content & TemplaVoila - how to get working?

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Mon Jun 20 08:41:37 CEST 2005


I have used shared content columns using MTB (Modern Template Building).
In MTB the solution base on modified CSS Styled Content.
I have made modifications on the base of HTMLCSS Styling plug-ins.
When I put in a page content elements into one page, they can be seen in 
every page. Every content area "column" has both id for page-related 
content and shared content
<div id="colLeft">Left content</div>
<div id="leftcontentshared">Shared left content</div>

This is possible by defined shared pid.

That is easy. I have tried to do corresponding using TV (TemplaVoila) 
but failed.

I have got some info doing the same using TV on the base on instruction

I tried to define an TS Object, which task is to get
all contents from certain page (the idea is that the customer can freely 
add or delete content elements).

  lib.normalcontentshared  = CONTENT
  lib.normalcontentshared {
      select {
        pidInList = 41
        where = colpos=0
       andWhere = deleted=0
       andWhere = hidden=0

- doesn't work together with this in DS (this is properly mapped
and I tested it also with lib.path).


I tested this replacing 'lib.normalcontentshared' with 'lib.path' - the 
latter (path menu, "breadcrumbs") worked, which shows that DS and 
mapping are in general correct.

I don't understand, why shared content doesn't work with TV.

Using shared content is a problem using TV.
In MTB you can put contents to several columns,
but TV puts them always to colpos=0.
In MTB you can get shared contents for many columns from the same page 
just using different colpos value.
If the normal page module has been disabled,
I must do MANY pages for shared contents in order get shared contents to
certain content are - or it there a possibility that using TV content 
elements could be put into different colpos, when some area would use 
colpos=1, another colpos=0 etc.

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