[Typo3] sr_feuser_register

racco raczek at open.infi.pl
Sun Jun 19 01:23:26 CEST 2005

Hello list!

I hope u will help me as always;

I have a problem with sr_feuser_register extension. I followed the 
instructions from tutorial but there are still some problems.

Form is displayed, all values are stored, but:
when I click on Create account now! button it takes over one minute to 
proccess this request! I see in backend that the record with users data is 
created immediately, so I do not know what is going on; second issue: No 
mail is sent to email address give in registration form!! I have checked in 
Install tool in Backend that my typo3 is able to send emails; maybe it is 
the problem? something with email?

my URL to site with plugin looks like this:

is it possible to shorten it? for example, i would like to have only id;

I hope you came to this problem with this extension earlier because I do not 
know what to do now;
I have already spent to many hours with it;

typo3 v.3.8.0

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