[Typo3] How to build a complex form?

Nick Weisser typo3 at openstream.ch
Sat Jun 18 20:14:30 CEST 2005

Bernhard Kraft wrote:

> Well ... creating such an extension is NO big job using fe_adminLib.inc ...
> Just setting some TS values and configuring some PHP arrays (TCA tables) 
> and
> you're done ... you most probably can do most with the kickstarter 
> (Creating
> the tables)
> Just have a look at the "Direct Mail Subscription" 
> "direct_mail_subscrition"
> and on the "feuser_admin" extension ... Both don't have much code ...
> You can also look at what TS they set with the TS Object Browser in
> "plugin.fe_admin.fe_users"

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Bernhard.

I actually thought that pi1/class.tx_myextension_pi1.php which is 
generated by the kickstarter is compulsary, but the approach of both 
"direct_mail_subscrition" and "feuser_admin" is completely different. 
There is only a template file in the pi1 folder with the html and some 
markers and almost all the rest is done in ext_typoscript_setup.txt.


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