[Typo3] permissions problem

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Fri Jun 17 15:58:48 CEST 2005

Roberts, Emma wrote:

> Is the site just to big to set the owner recursively? And if so, how can I
> do it?

Yup the site is to big ...

You can either:

1. increase the max execution time (see other posting from Neil Darlow)
(good but not secure solution, requires access to php.ini)

2. Set the permissions just for 2 or 3 levels at once and not for infinite (or 4)
so you will have to dive into the tree manually, see until where the information
was changed and set the permissions manually for the subsites also ...
(worst and most work-intensive solution)

3. Set the permissions of the pages directly in the database ... you can do this
via a mysql shell or a phpMyAdmin interface ....
the query will look like:
UPDATE pages SET perms_userid=BEUSER_OWNER_UID, perms_groupid=BEUSER_GROUP_UID, perms_user=PERMS_USER,
perms_group=PERMS_GROUP, perms_everybody=PERMS_EVERYBODY;
change BEUSER_OWNER_UID to the UID of the user who shall own the pages and BEUSER_GROUP_UID to the BE
group who shall own the pages. the values PERMS_XXXX must be set to what you want to allow the User/Group/Everybody
The value is the sum of the single values of what you would like to allow:
    *       2^0 = show (1)
     *       2^1 = edit (2)
     *       2^2 = delete (4)
     *       2^3 = new (8)
	    2^4 = edit content (16)
so if you want to allow everything just sum it up: 16+8+4+2+1 = 31 and you know to which value you must
set PERMS_USER or the others.
(best solution, requires access to the DB)


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