[Typo3] links lists - References database extension

ROBERT Florence flrobert at admin.ulb.ac.be
Fri Jun 17 12:56:43 CEST 2005


I'm pretty new to typo3. I'm in charge of a library website and we
planned to use the "References database" extension to manage all links
from our website (hundreds of thematic links).

We chose References database for some reasons : categories, possibility
to insert an individual record on a page, or a complete category list,

We have one problem though, with the "status" parameter : we would like
to add items to that list or at least edit them.

Can you see a way to do that ?

Also, is there a way to modify the template ? Unfortunately I couldn't
find any doc / manual about this extension. I'd be grateful if someone
could send me any information about it.

Or if someone knows any better extension to manage thematic lists of
links... (we already tried "Other Resources", "Weblinks", "Link list",
"NePhie's Link List", "Links list", "CMW Linklist",...) Any advice would
be greatly appreciated :)


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