[Typo3] how to create an empty line in a FE menu

Daniel Doesburg typo3 at doesburg.biz
Fri Jun 17 01:30:32 CEST 2005

Place a spacer with a   in the pagetree and add this to your menu 

   SPC = 1
   SPC {
     allWrap =<div class=space>|</div>

or something.



stefano cecere schreef:
> it's something i've been trying to do since a lot:
> i'd like to insert an "empty" menu voice.. maybe somethin with just a 
> &nbsp; inside, in the FE.., to separate a long menu (see for example 
> http://www.ilfannullone.it )
> if i create a "divider" in the BE, it is ignored in the FE.
> same as for other page types..
> did anybody find a simople solution for this thing?
> many thanks
> stefano

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