[Typo3] Weirdness with google indexing

rodrigo cea public2 at altamira.cl
Thu Jun 16 16:43:21 CEST 2005


I recently created a website, using typo3.7. My awstats shows the 
googlebot having visited the site 3 times, and only requesting 1 page 
each time, "+1" which means it also requested the robots.txt.
If I put our address into google, it only shows the front page of the 
site. Putting in exact text from inside pages doesn't give any results.
I have the "meta extended" extension installed, but only set the 
constants for keywords and description, though I initially had the 
instruction "all", thinking this would make the robots index my whole site.
The site is generating almost-compliant xhtml (if I use the html cleanup 
extension, it's fully compliant but my 1 flash animation doesn't show), 
using css, all the navigation is done via text+<a> tags, using realURL, 
Questions: Are there any issues regarding google and typo I should be 
aware of? Does typo generate a "robots.txt" or do I need to write my own?


Rodrigo C.
Converting Chile to an all-typo nation, one site at the time.

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