[Typo3] Static template files from T3 Extensions

Jaco Graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Thu Jun 16 15:24:00 CEST 2005

Hi all - I am running multiple Sites on a Typo3.8 install - Since I am using 
Xtensions like mailtoafriend and MITdownload I have to select 
"Default(include before if Root-flag is set)"at "Static template files from 
T3 Extensions:". BUT!!!!! it adds a lot of other css declarations in the 
header of my pages which I do not use for a particular site - is there 
anyway to include only the needed files throuh TypoScript??? and rather 
select "Never include before this template record" - It makes the pages much 
larger and messier....

thx for a great CMS

Jaco Graaff 

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