[Typo3] Acccess typoscript constants (in templates) via PHP

Matthias Taugwalder matthias.taugwalder at bluewin.ch
Thu Jun 16 12:31:48 CEST 2005

Hi all

I have the following problem:

There's a custom typo3 extension and I want to pass constant parameters from
the template to the extension.
How can I access a constant which was defined in the Constants field of an
template via PHP?

I searched now for some time and found only hints as access them by...

	-	$this->conf

	-	$GLOBALS['TSFE']->tmpl->flatSetup

But nothing of it worked...

I also debugged the array above with t3lib_div::debug() but without success
of finding the defined values
in the templates' constants field.

Thanks for any hint in advance.

Best regards,

Matthias Taugwalder
Matthias Taugwalder
matthias.taugwalder at bluewin.ch

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