[Typo3] TYPO3 ready to use web site templates

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 17:08:09 CEST 2005


On 6/15/05, Michael Scharkow^ <mscharkow at gmx.net> wrote:
> Kraft Bernhard wrote:
> > I would make some in my spare time but the big problem I have is that I
> > am no designer.
> > I know about all that if-then-else programming stuff and about T3 but if
> > I ever make a
> > web-design (yes, I tried it) you probably will go to the toilet after
> > watching it :))
> [..]
> > I think there are also quite some other people who have the ability,
> > time and fun to do some
> > templates but I guess not many people bring the ability to design,
> > htmlize, cssize, and typo3ize
> > a template ...
> >
> > Pherhaps we could make some if we distribute the work ...
> The funny thing is that until now all involved people (including
> Stephane and me) are *not* web designers at all. So while we have
> considerable TS and packaging know-how, at the moment we're lacking
> support from the design/HTML/CSS/accessibility front ;)
> This is strange because I remember a lot of postings here which ran like
> "I'd like to contribute but I'm only a html/css/dreamweaver expert". So
> either we have managed to keep this people from the list, or they're
> just not interested...
> > A posting on the "design" newsgroup could bring us in some photoshop
> > templates ...
> I've done that with almost no success, so I'm not really optimistic
> about that.
> > Would be glad to see that thing starting ...
> It is going on already, I got a reply from Stephane who will help, and
> there will be a first release with a few templates soon. Anyway, we
> still need help, e.g.
> - checking, cleaning, modularizing the TS code
> - checking and cleaning the HTML and CSS
> - preparing new templates
> - you name it
> Stephane and I will possibly post a request for help, along with
> submission guidelines and general hints.

I may be able to help out with HTML/CSS/TS; where is the main
discussion taking place?


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