[Typo3] Basic Workflow Questions (templaVoila, smile_workflow, sys_workflows)

wholzhammer w.holzhammer at tirol.gv.at
Wed Jun 15 17:03:37 CEST 2005

Hi all,

After studying the Typo3 basic documentations I still found no answers for some workflow-related questions. I would appreciate any help or just tips where I can get closer information.

Status quo: Typo3 3.8 using TemplaVoila - this configuration does not work together with smile_workflow Extension (which seems to be a very powerfull tool for workflowbulding).-
If I got it right in my case (TemplaVoila) I need to use the standard-workflow implementation (sys_workflows).

I just need some simple workflows like:
- sending a mail to a real Mailbox (not Typo3 ToDo-List) everytime a page is published (for documentation - by the way: is there kinda statistic tool which shows up stuff like submissions, number of published pages per day, logged on be-users per day, etc.? )- mailserver is configured in php.ini
- calling external tasks/programs (eg. *.jars with parameters) -
Is it possible to to stuff like this with sys_workflows?

Any help would be appreciated -

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