[Typo3] Is TYPO3 bettern than Drupal, Mambo, WebGUI and Xaraya?

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Wed Jun 15 15:31:54 CEST 2005

Hi I'm new to TYPO3, but I have heard many good things about it.

I'm doing research to decide what CMS to use for a complex community-choice
competitions system I'm doing for the large global development charity
organization: www.ashoka.org 

The main CMS options I am considering are

Drupal     Mambo	   TYPO3	WebGUI	and    Xaraya

After making a choice, I'll most likely hire developers that specialize in
that CMS to help me customize it for the project needs.

To help decide what CMS to use and who to hire, I'm looking for examples of
great community sites that use these CMS and that demonstrate the following

1. Scalable for mass community use 
For example, sites will not crash with 100,000 visitors and hundreds of
logged-in users using the site on a daily basis day.

2. Multi-site Deployment 
Host multiple web sites that use the same installation. Each site has its
own domain, permissions, languages, templates and content.  It should be
possible for some roles (e.g. super-admin, lead editor, organization
members) to use the same login in multiple sites, or better yet, maintain a
continuous login session and user profile across multiple sites.

3. Multi-lingual
Editor interfaces and content should support most popular languages.  Ideal
examples would include Arabic, Hebrew, and Chinese.

4. Granular Privileges 
Admin should be able to create custom user types, roles or groups that
specify permissions  for what data a user can see, what they can edit, as
well as what features they can access. 

5. Customizable Workflow
Content approval process should be customizable to include from zero to five
stages and/or levels of approval. E.g. content could be approved by the
'editor' for viewing by logged in 'members', but not for the public until
approved by the 'marketing department'.

6. Customizable Databases
Admin should be able to easily create customized "databases", i.e. create a
form with multiple fields and different input types, browse, search and
filter records by different fields and edit individual or a group of
records.  This should be 80-100% accomplished without the admin having to do
any PHP or SQL code.  Examples of such a feature my be in the form of
surveys, articles with extensive meta-data, trackers, etc.

If you could send me descriptions, URLs and possibly logins to Drupal,
Mambo, TYPO3, WebGUI, or Xaraya sites that demonstrate some or all of these
6 attributes, I would really appreciate it. 

If you would like to be considered for hiring to do coding work on the
project, you should also include some details about your related skills and
development experience.

I'll share the example sites and information I learn on this page:
...and possibly in an article I'll send around to some big lists, blogs and
CMS sites.
Thanks so much for your time and assistance.


 - jd- - 

Jason Diceman    Co-op Tools
Phone: 416-538-co-op (2667)
Toll-free: 1-866-519-co-op (2667)
jd at cooptools.ca

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