[Typo3] TV 0.4.0 and TYPO3 3.7.0

Igor Timofeev etern at list.ru
Wed Jun 15 09:41:12 CEST 2005

Never had time to look at TV, now decide to.
Just tried to test TemplaVoila 0.4.0 on my testsite TYPO3 3.7.0 with
existing page tree and templates - copy of preproduction one.
I just glance at it, so maybe I forgot something to do?
Firstly, when I go to use TV wizard, it shows up "Fatal error: Call to
undefined function: fullquotestr() in
t:\html\typo3\htdocs\typo3conf\ext\templavoila\mod2\index.php on line 1444"

And, secondly, then I try to create some content element, the "Flexible
content" category is empty. Simple "Text only" doesn't work, just jumping to
TemplaVoila's page with captions "Localization", "Page related information",
"Non-used elements" and there's nothing
more than it.

Thirdly if, say, it become work somehow (upgrade to 3.8.0?), how deep should
I change my existing templates to start use TV content elements on my pages?

Thank you!

Wbr, Igor Timofeev

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