[Typo3] Changing list layout names

Sacha Vorbeck sachav at gmx.net
Wed Jun 15 09:28:55 CEST 2005


> Is there any way of changing the names of the layouts you can choose
> from when making a bullet list in the backend.

as I just have it in front of me:

  tt_content {
    header_layout {
      # remove all headlines except h1 and h2
      removeItems = 0,3,4,5
      # rename 'Layout1' and 'Layout2'
      altLabels.1 = Überschrift 1 <h1>
      altLabels.2 = Überschrift 2 <h2>

add this to the TSConfig field of your root page (edit page header
dialogue). The example shows how to change the layout names for
headlines, names for bullet lists can be modified similar. You just have
to check how the field is named in phpMyAdmin.


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