[Typo3] Re: [Typo3-dev] Templa Voila Image alt and title tag

Sacha Vorbeck sachav at gmx.net
Tue Jun 14 22:39:26 CEST 2005


> Well in my mind Templa Voila is too complicated for average
> user - I have tried to understand. But putting a template to the
> template folder (I didn't find a way to set it)
> I got
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: fullquotestr() in
> /home/int2000/21744/html/typo3conf/ext/templavoila/mod2/index.php on
> line 1444

I think further discussion about this topic should be moved to the
english user list. This error might possibly disappear if you install
the latest versions of TYPO3 and TV. Apart from that the main principle
of TV isn`t complicated at all. The problems are rather due to the fact
that it is still beta. The future will surely bring some improvements. I
was very happy to see TV 1.0 on the roadmap ;-).


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