[Typo3] Rss version

rodrigo cea public2 at altamira.cl
Tue Jun 14 16:25:21 CEST 2005

Jan Bednarik wrote:
> Hey,
>> coould some kind soul explain or point me to a primer on how to 
>> implement RSS feeds on my site (the whole thing, not just news)?
> 1) you gotta know how a RSS feed look like.
> 2) create an extension where you compose the whole feed together by 
> selecting rows from a DB.
> 3) Use this extension as a new content element.
> 4) At the end of this ext. should be:
>     echo $content;
>     die();
> 5) You could save the $content to a file. Therefore it will be faster to 
> download the feed (it doesn't need to be composed every time).
> This is the way I've created RSS feed for ee_blog.
> -- 
> Jan Bednarik
So no point and click method to do it?
I'm not really up to writing extensions, yet, and I was kind of hoping 
there was already an extension or typoscript method that would do this 
for me.



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