[Typo3] TYPO3 ready to use web site templates

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Tue Jun 14 16:14:52 CEST 2005

Hello HokuS,

If you are going to build a business site, I wouldn't advice you to use out 
of the box templates. The people who are visting the website don't care about 
which CMS you are running, but if your design is bad or lack usability, they 
are running away from the site (and never comes back).

Free HTML templates from resources on the web is a better solution, and with 
Modern or Futuristic Template Building it's quite easy to implement them.

My advice to everyone who is going to make business sites. First get som 
advice or/and help from a designer who also know about usablity. And when 
you have the design, either do the HTML and CSS coding yourself, or get an 
experienced person to do it. Implementing with TemplaVoila isn't complicated. 
All coding should be (X)HTML and CSS validating.

OK. It cost some money, but my experience is that websites who are nice looking 
and have high degree of usability give back the invested money and time.

Erik Svendsen

> "Golo Königshoff" <dergolo at gmx.de> wrote in message:
>> Try the "Quickstart"-Package-Download from typo3.org. It contains a
>> few "out-of-the-box" templates.
> Ok, tkanks very much, but can you suggest a practical and more usable
> template. I am going to build typical bussiness site, with products,
> news, contact sections.
> Thanks,
> HokuS

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