[Typo3] User Settings lost ?

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Tue Jun 14 11:26:02 CEST 2005

First: thanks for your reply ...

Jean-Baptiste Rio wrote:
> Some questions I have in mind to help you understand :
> - Where are this settings recorded in Typo3 ? In the database or in a BE 
> cookie or ...?

I mean the following: If you log in using the admin account, then go to the page module,
and click on the little "+" icon next to a page which contains subpages. Then the page will
open and you will also see the subpages. If you log out and in again this page is still open
and you still see the subpages.
Not in my case. They are gone. Normally (In all other 20 T3 Installations I care about) this
never happens.

It is stored in the "uc" field of the be_users table (I guess :)

> - Are the settings changed or it is just a problem of a correct reading 
> of them ?
 > - Have you check the database ? Size of the tables ? I have in mind a
> sort of "timeout" for the settings request...
> - Did you check that he didn't create many BE users and he uses them 
> without realize that BE users have their own settings...

I tried that "opening a page/ log-in-out" with the original "admin" account which wasn't given
to our customer (he got his own admin account) ... so it can't be that he closed the pages while
I opened them or such a thing ...

> - TS script maybe somewhere ?

No clue what TS line could do such a job ...

I think I will try to update a copy of the installation to 3.8 on our dev-server and if everything works
I update the online version ... pherhaps this bug is gone then ...

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