[Typo3] tt_news LIST view does not listen changing constant listMaxW

Hans van Dijk hans at netklaar.nl
Tue Jun 14 07:43:27 CEST 2005

Hi Rupert,

Is this default value of 140 set elsewhere than in the "static/ts_old/ 

This is a basic installation (building a new site) with tt_news  
installed as the first extension!

Here is de TSOB from the Setup field (like it set in the: static/ 
ts_old/setup.txt, with: file.maxW = {$plugin.tt_news.listMaxW}):

This is the html code I get in the FE LIST page for the image:
<img src="typo3temp/pics/f5813d3836.jpg" width="500" height="200"  
border="0" alt="" title="" /><img src="clear.gif" width="1"  
height="5" border="0" class="spacer-gif" alt="" title="" /><br />

- if I change the smaller picture for a higher picture, the height is  
getting bigger proportionally! But when the height is higher than 500  
px, it will also stop there. So somewhere there must be set a [maxW] 
=500 [maxH]=500. But where? I have looked everywhere but can't find it?
- in the root template I have included the static file "table-based  

Regards, Hansup

On 13-jun-2005, at 22:18, Rupert Germann wrote:

> Hans van Dijk wrote:
>> I'm using Typo3 3.8.0 with tt_news 2.2.21
>> In the object browser of my root-template I see this
>> [singleMaxW]=240
>> [singleMaxH]=180
>> [latestMaxW]=80
>> [latestMaxH]=60
>> [listMaxW]=140
>> [listMaxH]=90
>> I have changed the value of listMaxW several times, but in the
>> tt_news LIST-view I still get the images 500 px wide!?
> strange, the default value for this should be 140.
>> When I change the singleMaxW it shows directly in the FE in SINGLE- 
>> view.
>> Further down in the pagetree there's no other declaration of the
>> constant listMaxW!
>> Does anybody know what I have overlooked here?
>> Where should I check for this spooky 500 value?
> the lines above which you copied from the TSOB are from the  
> constants field.
> the setup is read _after_ constants is the value set there ?
> or do you have any extension installed that extends tt_news and  
> changes the
> TS setup ?
> greets
> rupi
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