[Typo3] LDAP import user / group troubles

wholzhammer w.holzhammer at tirol.gv.at
Mon Jun 13 08:19:40 CEST 2005


I'm running Typo3 3.8 and eu_ldap 2.6.3.- Connection to my ActiveDirectory works just fine an importing ALL users too. 

Because I only want to import users which are memberOf a CMS-Group I take the "Only Users member of Group"-Option and enter the group-string (eg CMS_ADMIN_GOUP).- If I do so, no users are imported at all.

To me it seems as if the value of the field "Only Users meber of Group..." does not match the value in ActiveDirecotry-Attribute memberOf.-
By the way: if I import all users and check the "Import Groups from LDAP" this works fine too. I got the groups right in my be_groups Table.-

Is there somesthing I have overlooked? 
Any help would be appreciated -

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