[Typo3] A sleuth of problems, if anyone cares to help.

Amir Mualem amir219 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 11 22:44:29 CEST 2005

Tyler Kraft wrote:
> mate your in the wrong month!
> its only june where I live ;-)
> Amir Mualem wrote:
>> Tyler Kraft wrote:
>>> Thought you had disappeared. how comes the site?
>>> Amir Mualem wrote:
>>>> Thank you very much JoH!  It worked great. :D
>>>> I cant believe that the problem I have been working on for weeks 
>>>> have just been fixed in less then a day with the help from you guys, 
>>>> thanks!
>> I actually did disapear a couple weeks ago.  I just lost motivation 
>> and became tired and didn't feel like doing anything.  Now its the 
>> 11th of July and I have until the 25th to get the site done.
>> Well the site is doing much better now that JoH and Pieter helped me 
>> there.  I still have some bugs to fix with the template and I think I 
>> might be done with my first site. :D

I forgot to provide a link to the site:

Here it is:

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