[Typo3] List frontend users and groups on a webpage

Pieter pieter_v at telenet.be
Thu Jun 9 20:41:42 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I would like to show (in the front end) a list of front end user groups 
and the members in each group.  Something like:

Usergroup 1
 Member1 name, E-mail, ...
 Member3 name, E-mail, ...
 Member7 name, E-mail, ...
Usergroup 2
 Member3 name, E-mail, ...
 Member5 name, E-mail, ...
 Member10 name, E-mail, ...

A started on a PHP script (my first ever!) to do this.  However, now I 
wonder: is there an existing way in Typo3 to do this?  I took a look at 
the SelectPro extension but my output is too complex for SelectPro (I 

Any other way to do this?

Best regards,

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