[Typo3] t3 3.7 with TV0.3 upgrade to T3 3.8 TV 0.4 - nothing works - rien ne va plus

Klaus Schinke klasch at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 13:35:42 CEST 2005


I have a Typo3 3.7 with TV 0.3 working.
Everything worked well when working with TV and contentelements.

Some days ago I upgraded to typo3 3.8 and I also installed TV 0.4.
The problem now is, that from my site generated withj  T3 3.7 and TV 0.3, 
all Content elements are not shown when clicking on the green page icon in 
the left.
The site seems to be empty, *BUT* in the list view everything is there, also 
when viewing the site from the frontend.

What the Hack is going on with my typo3 ? As I read in the TV extension 
description TV0.4 was made ecaxtly for T3 3.8 - so why doon't they work 

What did I miss?


Thanks to All!

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