[Typo3] realurl - strange problem

Helge Vad helge at mereteland.dk
Thu Jun 9 12:13:54 CEST 2005

Hi list,

Strange problem with realurl: version 0.2.0 typo verison: 3.7 

We are running a site with multiple domains in different branches
of the page tree, and we are using realurl for generating readable urls on
the form:

http://mydomain.com/front-page   <--  http://mydomain.com?id=15

 using the class.tx_realurl_advanced.php  pagePath userFunc.

Every once in while - apparently with no intelligeble cause at all - 
HMENU/TMENU reverts back to 

http://mydomain.com/15  instead of http://mydomain.com/front-page

We then have to clear the  tx_realurl_chashcache, clear the main cache  -
(wait a half a minute !), and then load each of the main pages of the
website in turn in order to get the 'real' url's working again.

I have disabled the url-decode/encode caches, so the only table that seems
to change (grow) during website operation is the ordinary page cache.

But where would I search for a cause to this problem, any ideas ?

Best, Helge Vad

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