[Typo3] Newbie question: <p> for every enter

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Jun 9 00:34:54 CEST 2005

>> First of all, thank you for your time :-)
>> I have added the line to TS Config, and that par works, thanks a lot.
>> But I didn't succeed in having SHIFT-ENTER to work. I can see in the
>> editor that the space is a little less, than when just hitting enter,
>> but the page still have <p>..</p> around each line.
>> And when opening in the editor again the space between the lines is
>> the same like hitting enter alone.
>> Doesn't there exists a TS Config so I totally can remove <p>s? At
>> least when people hit enter alone in the editor?
>> Mustafa
> Mustafa,
> It sounds like a simple css style would do the trick, simply because
> what you're asking is a matter of style and not function:
> p { margin: 0px }

nope - it's a matter of soft line breaks (SHIFT+ENTER = <br>) and hard line
breaks (ENTER = <p>).
dontConvBRtoParagraph should do the trick.
In the CSS you can use line-height for the <br> and margin-bottom for the
Usually this is set to 1.2em and 0.6em for our standard output.


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