[Typo3] Pic duplication using Flexforms

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Wed Jun 8 17:28:33 CEST 2005

Harald Klotzberg [decomplex audio HQ] wrote:

> It isn´t so cleared to my why T3 does that this kind.
> Why T3 needs a image n-times stored which is exactly the same ?
> thanx & greetz

It is also that Typo3 hasn't got a reference count for images. Typo3 doesn't really
know about where and how often an image is used. So Kasper (I guess) decided that he
just creates a copy of an image when it is used. So he can make sure when he deletes
the file from the file-select box (and it would also get deleted on harddisk) that other
content elements using this image still have it available ...

Now there is a little inconsitency which also I don't know why it exists:
A "clean" solution would be to either:
* copy each file as it is now and delete it from the servers harddisk when the image gets
removed from it's select box
* just have references to each file (as you would like it to be) and never delete a file

Both methods would ensure that you don't delete a file which is used in other places.

Currently Typo3 uses a mixture of those two: it copies each file and never deletes it.

this isn't really a problem but leads to a big "uploads" directory if you often upload/delete
files. I have made a fix for the problem of remaining unused images: The extension KB Clean Files

Currently the only possible solution to not have this mess is to use the DAM (Digital Asset Managment)
extension. With it, it is possible to insert just references to the images instead of real files
(At least I think that is what this extension does ... never tried it tough - just heard from it)

I really hope that for TYPO3 4.0 or 5.0 reference counts for ALL media are planned !

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