[Typo3] Typoscript to detect which language is selected

Tristan Kohler tkohler at acomm.ch
Wed Jun 8 13:16:55 CEST 2005


I have a problem about language detection in Typoscript. I have a web site 
in three languages and I would like to set up differently the Tamplate 
depending in which language is displayed the page.

Does anybody now how to test the current language and than write a condition 
in which the set up is made in accordance with the current language ?

Here is the sample code I'ld like to adapt :

# Menu cObject (menu en haut statique)
temp.menuhaut = COA
temp.menuhaut {
  40 = TEXT
  40.data = field:uid
  40.wrap = <span class="menu_haut_actif">&nbsp;<a 
  50 = TEXT
  50.data = field:uid
  50.wrap = <span class="menu_haut_actif">&nbsp;<a 
  60 = TEXT
  60.data = field:uid
  60.wrap = <span class="menu_haut_actif">&nbsp;<a 

Thank you in advance for all your answers !

Tristan Kohler 

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