[Typo3] How to setup "recently updated" item

Jane Larsen noesgard at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 11:49:04 CEST 2005

Right on target! My missing "link" was setting the starting point. I have 
already added the list to my template (a slightly adjusted CrCPH) i the 
right column to show on all pages.

The idea is to make it easy for readers to identify if changes has been made 
since their last visit, even if they have navigated to some sub sub page.

Thanks a lot :o)


On 6/8/05, Torsten Schrade <schrade at lineara.de> wrote:
> Jane Larsen wrote:
> > I just noticed: This setup is not global for the site (this root page), 
> can
> > I do that? So that no matter what sub page on the site you go to, the 
> list
> > will show the same?
> Do you mean how to include it in your template so that it is visible on
> every page? The solution above is for situations where you insert a
> sitemap-CE type 5 on a particular page and define a starting point
> within the sitemap content element. 

For inclusion on every page within a template things are a bit
> different. I don't know your settings, but here is a basic example with
> html-template approach:
> First, copy it to the appropriate place in your template:
> page.10.marks.WHATEVER < tt.content.menu.20.5
> Then set a starting point:
> page.10.marks.WHATEVER.special.value.field >
> page.10.marks.WHATEVER.special.value = *id to start from*
> If you do it this way you can still use the sitemap.5 as a content
> element with different starting points. Depending on your setup you
> might want to use the .beginAtLevel property etc. as well.
> All this and more can be looked up in TSRef ;-):
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_core_tsref/HMENU-1/
> Hope that helps and cheers,
> Torsten
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