[Typo3] Character/word Replacement

Søren Schaffstein soeren.schaffstein at media-lights.de
Tue Jun 7 15:05:04 CEST 2005

Is there a way to replace a special word in the complete content of the site during the output? There seems to be this easy way which works fine.

tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.short {
  T3 = TYPO3

BUT now I want to replace special characters! E.g. "®" or even the htmlentity "®" is impossible. It seems to me that this does not work since Typo3 uses arrays...

tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.short {
  ® = <sup>&reg;</sup>
 &reg; = <sup>&reg;</sup>

Would the only way to replace my characters then being in the creation of a userFunc which does the replacement?

- Søren Schaffstein (schaffstein)

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