[Typo3] Advantage and Disadvantage in keeping 1 only typo3 installation

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Tue Jun 7 14:36:29 CEST 2005

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> Nagita Karunaratne wrote:

> I'm sure there are some people from the hosting business here that can 
> answer related questions.

We are using multiple TYPO3 installs sharing the same source code for 
multiple sites so they use separate databases and home/userdirs,
but use the same TYPO3 source. We preinstall a good set of global extensions 
to a source install, don't allow users to install global extensions only 
local ones, and this setup works perfectly under suPHP engine which tightens 
the permissions.

We don't use cPanel (because it takes far too much resources, takes over the 
whole system making it much less flexible and configurable, tends to release 
buggy updates etc. - in fact I couldn't be happier we got rid of it) but 
another semi-custom made small and fast control panel, providing users with 
all the necessary functions for their websites.

In case we have developed a TYPO3 site for a client and we also administer 
it (he only wants to edit or add content), we keep the admin login and 
provide the client with an editor-level user login, with the fine-grained 
permissions to add/edit the content.

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