[Typo3] Problem creating a PDF - Typo3 Version 3.8

Gabriel Belforti belforti at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 05:45:30 CEST 2005

I installed PDF generator running version 3.8 and I couldn't make it
work. Basically I checked the whole installation and it seems to be
working fine individually, ie, htmdoc works fine and creates pdf
files, and < styles.content.get seems to work fine with the print link
When I hit any of the links (see below), or type
http://xxxxx/index.php?id=xx&type=123 I get an empty PDF file with a
page number 1 below. I'm using either Acrobat Reader version 5 or 7.

Here is my setup template (these are all the contents that I used to test it):

page.1 = IMAGE
page.1.file = pdf_icon*.gif
page.1.stdWrap.postUserFunc = tx_pdfgenerator->makePdfLink
page.2 = TEXT
page.2.value = printable version
page.2.postUserFunc = tx_pdfgenerator->makePdfLink
page.2.postUserFunc.target = _blank

page.36= USER_INT
page.36.userFunc = tx_pdfgenerator->openPdfLink
page.37.value = Link to PDF
page.38.value = </a>

page.360= USER_INT
page.360.userFunc = tx_open_printlink
page.370.value = Printlink
page.380.value = </a>

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