[Typo3] Advantage and Disadvantage in keeping 1 only typo3 installation

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Mon Jun 6 17:32:19 CEST 2005

Francesco di Francia wrote:
> Hi.
> I read in documentation and in list that Typo3 can manage more sites 
> with a UNIQUE installation and an Unique backend.

Yes, you can host more than one domain with one T3 instance.

> Infact in download area there's a "source" package and an installation 
> package. The source, i guess, is installed in the unix/linux filesistem 
> and it's about 11MB.
> So, i suppose that one advantage could be to occupy ONE ONLY TIME 11mb 
> of hard disk space.

This hasn't got too much to do with a unique installation, but rather 
with sharing the code between multiple installations.

An installation of TYPO3 normally consists of one package (dummy, 
quickstart) with one directory structure and one db. Plus you need the 
TYPO3 source. However, for any additional installation, you only need 
another directory structure from a package and one db, since you can 
symlink to the *one* TYPO3 source somewhere on your server.

Because of this, TYPO3 can also save a lot of diskspace for multiple 
instances (since quickstart et. al. are a lot smaller).

> Which are other advtg of an UNIQUE typo3 installation ? And disadvantage ?
> What should i keep attention at if i choose the unique installation ?
> Keeping an unique installation improve typo3 perfomance ? Or is only a 
> matter of occupy less space ?

I'd chose different installations for different customers, projects, 
etc. It's a little more work to maintain, but you don't have to worry 
about permissions and stuff as much as with one installation. It's not 
such a matter of disk space, see above...


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