[Typo3] Advantage and Disadvantage in keeping 1 only typo3 installation

Grégory BECKER ml-typo3-english at gb404.com
Mon Jun 6 16:30:09 CEST 2005


With a unique installation, a backend user can manage all sites without
login/logout. Database between websites is shared (page contents,
records stored in sysfolders, users, groups). Extensions are shared
between websites (only one installation per extension required). No
performance improvement. You can however limit users to a part of the
page tree.

Choosing this way to manage many websites depends on your needs.
Can you store all your websites on the same server ? If you can, why not !

Gregory BECKER

Francesco di Francia a écrit :

> Hi.
> I read in documentation and in list that Typo3 can manage more sites 
> with a UNIQUE installation and an Unique backend.
> Infact in download area there's a "source" package and an installation 
> package. The source, i guess, is installed in the unix/linux 
> filesistem and it's about 11MB.
> So, i suppose that one advantage could be to occupy ONE ONLY TIME 11mb 
> of hard disk space.
> Which are other advtg of an UNIQUE typo3 installation ? And 
> disadvantage ?
> What should i keep attention at if i choose the unique installation ?
> Keeping an unique installation improve typo3 perfomance ? Or is only a 
> matter of occupy less space ?
> Thank in advance,
> Francesco
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