[Typo3] Caching

Gabriel Junquera Gabriel.Junquera at wsberlin.de
Mon Jun 6 11:02:21 CEST 2005

Well, hi there again and thank you for feedback,

Thats what I am implying. Even if the three requisites are not accomplished
all the pages that hang from a page are not cached at all, or better said,
are cached and the expire date that I see is very close to our moment,
so they disappear quickly from the cache_pages table. However, the expire
date of the cache in the page header is set to default, like in the other
branch of the web seit, where caching works properly.
I am beginning to look for methapysical reasons.
I have tried dancing around my PC, but did not work.



>> Gabriel had written:
>> some days ago I emailed this list because I had a problem with a whole
>> branch of a website not being indexed by indexed search indexer
>> I think the problem is strictly related with caching. So now the question
>> is there a way of disabling caching that should not be by Tscript
>> or by turning the checkbox of the header of the page on, or even
disabling it from
>> an extension php script by $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->set_no_cache()?

> Peter Niederlag wrote
> afaik these are the three reasons for a page not being cached.
> If none of these are met the page should go into the cache imho.

> Jan Bednarik wrote
> Here's my first thought - caching is done by putting stuff into a
> database. If you make the database keep the cache-table empty, nothing
> will be cached. I.E. - you can put a PHP script into index.php that will
> erease everything in the table.
> Well, not a very good solution, but I can't think of anything else right
> now :)

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