[Typo3] Optimisation of Typoscript

Daniel Doesburg typo3 at doesburg.biz
Sat Jun 4 10:40:09 CEST 2005

But I think it's also possible in TS.
Define the expanded tags in the constants part.

yellow = <p class="button_yellow" 
(one line!)

In the setup you can use it as
NO.before = |*| {$yellow} || . . .

Not tested, but should work.


JoH schreef:
>>I have the following TypoScript:
>>My question is how can I make this script more readable? I would like
>>to have something like:
>>style = |*| button_yellow || button_green || button_blue |*|
> Use the class for the a-tag itself and you're done.
> Tested and working.
> Joey

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