[Typo3] Caching

Gabriel Junquera Gabriel.Junquera at wsberlin.de
Fri Jun 3 15:41:37 CEST 2005

Hy there,

some days ago I emailed this list because I had a problem with a whole
branch of a website not being indexed by indexed search indexer. I think the
problem is strictly related with caching. So now the question is: is there a
way of disabling caching that should not be by Tscript config.no_cache=1 or
by turning the checkbox of the header of the page on, or even disabling it
from an extension php script by $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->set_no_cache()?



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Gesendet: Dienstag, 31. Mai 2005 12:32
Betreff: Indexed Search: pages not indexed

Hi there,

I’m a nwbee and have a problem with the indexing of some pages.
If I am not wrong, the requirements for having a page indexed, apart from
having the extension installed are

-          it should have the config.index_enable = 1 somewhere in its
template hierarchy
-          it should be cached.
-          You can select which part of the body you want indexed with the
comments typo3search-begin and –end

I have an instance of typo3 with two branches, intra and internet. I have
been trying it all in the intra and works well.
When it comes to inserting the functionallity (including the config line in
the setup) in the internet,
I see no indexing, though I have the line in my Setup and some pages are
I tried to check this properly, I mean if the pages are really cached,
and have seen that they are, but they disappear quickly from the cahe_pages
table, which does not happen
in the intranet. I have checked the “cache_expires” and have seen always
“default”, just as in the intranet.

Does anybody have an idea of what could be happening? If not, can someone
tell me how to track the indexer,
ie how is it triggered?

Thank you in advance


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