[Typo3] graphicksmagic apache process problems with broken images

Lars Haerig haerig at 2im.de
Fri Jun 3 12:49:04 CEST 2005

On Thursday 02 June 2005 18:02, Lars Haerig wrote:
> hi
> i already know what happend. in one of my galleries thera are pics, that
> are broken. i knew that because as i have used IM, i saw that they were
> broken in FE view and BE filebrowser. now that i have switched to GM 2 days
> ago too see it's effects i have the process listed in my processlist and it
> wont give up. i had to kill the process manually.
> just wanted to tell, that when I have broken images, and call them with GM
> (in a simple gallerie extension), the process will cause your servers
> avarage goes upwards from time to time.

the problem is found. 
i felt a bit sheepish about it, but the error occures when you have stored 
images with whiteSpace in it's filename! (happens to me, as i have upload a 
hole folder 2 years ago by winscp, created 5 years ago, where i did not 
thought bad things about white space in filenames ;) )

so long, 
Lars Haerig

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