[Typo3] Shortcut and "show content from page" - differences?

Christian Trabold trabold at mehrwert.de
Thu Jun 2 11:56:55 CEST 2005

Hello Torsten,

>>if you choose 'show content from page' you *stay* at the selected page.
> which can be quite helpful for example if you have a site with multiple
> domains and you want to show content from a page of domain1 on a page
> that resides in domain2.

if you have this option

	config.content_from_pid_allowOutsideDomain = 1

in your TypoScript-Setup, yes ;)

Otherwise this is *not* allowed.

Quote from TSRef:
"Using the “Show content from this page instead” feature allows you to 
insert content from the current domain only. Setting this option will 
allow content included from anywhere in the page tree!"



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