[Typo3] Updating htmlArea RTE & Firefox browser cache

Paul Sanderson pauls at iicservices.com
Sun Jul 31 06:46:19 CEST 2005

Hi list

Discovered an interesting quirk when upgrading htmlArea RTE from version 0.5.5 to 0.5.7 when using a Firefox browser (version 1.0.4).

We're moving all sites to this RTE as it's provides cross-browser compatiblity, as well as CSS style's showing correctly in the RTE.

We are currently using Typo3 3.7.0 with the MySQL 4.1 patch. We're going to upgrade all our site sources to 3.7.1 soon.

If you dont' clear the cache in Firefox after updating the htmlArea RTE the buttons will all appear as single bullet dots. Since I was using a newly created site of the standard install we use, I continued to use the RTE at this point to see what would happen, and it resulted in DB corruption.

I think the problem lay in the fact that we use the Mozilla/Firefox extension to allow the RTE to access the clipboard. This features requires PHP to be compiled with zlib. It's this that the Firefox browser probably cached, and now the cache was cleared there appears to be no problem.

It's probably a good idea to clear all caches too (including TEMP cache) and in the Typo3Temp directory, in the Install Tool as well, as there is a file that appears to get cached when using this RTE: rtehtmlarea_544f3fec23559682b31aa1ad06a87dc7_user.js I'm not sure if that is relevant but it's always something I do when I suspect something isn't updating correctly.

- Paul Sanderson (iibscdev)

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