[Typo3] remove "Powered by typo3" notice - how?

Karl Nabinger k.nabinger at input.at
Fri Jul 29 09:18:50 CEST 2005

Martin Jørgensen wrote:

> Well, I was only interested in removing that big ugly typo3-logo which takes 
> up too much space. I don't want an advertising homepage. I'm satisfied with 
> only removing that big fat ugly logo.

> Having said that I would also like to say that I wouldn't mind a little logo 
> or "powered by typo3" message somewhere unnoticed place, but the default 
> "Powered by typo3"-logo is just too much advertising, IMHO... The worst 
> thing is that it can be seen on *ALL* subpages also and that's just too ugly 
> for me who wants a "clean" homepage.

> Ofcourse Kasper did a lot of appreciable work and I wouldn't mind supporting 
> him with a small notice, but not on every page...

Hi Martin,

without having the intention of annoying you - maybe you did not 
understood how typo3 works. I assume that you use one of the standard 
templates and do not know how to edit them - ?
Typo is not a very easy out-of-the-box system but a mighty tool that 
needs some expertice to handle it.

I know that, because in typo-dimensions i'm a rookie too.
If you want to have a nice layout i suggest the "Urban Nomad Template" 
which you can find at 

Using the constants editor you can customize this template in several ways.

ciao, Karl

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