[Typo3] restore <LINK> to <A HREF...> in my extension

Jan Slusarczyk janslu at grupaiis.pl
Thu Jul 28 23:53:39 CEST 2005


 > in TS:
 > plugin.whateverYourThingyIsCalled.parser < tt_content.text.20.parseFunc

I'm trying to implement this, and I must have something wrong... Can you 
take a look at this?

In my template setup part I have the following line:

plugin.user_pokazkalendarium_pi1.parser < tt_content.text.20.parseFunc

And in my extension:
$query = "SELECT lead, opis FROM user_kalendarium_data WHERE....";
$res = mysql_query($query);
if (list($lead, $opis) = mysql_fetch_row($res))
	$opis = $this->cObj->parseFunc($data[$opis],$this->conf['parser.']);
return $opis;

I receive empty part. I have tried to debug echoing the content of $opis 
and running the parseFunc line clears it's content...

What may be a reason?


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