[Typo3] re-use of content

Vlatko Šurlan vsurlan at REMOVECAPITALSnet.hr
Thu Jul 28 12:31:08 CEST 2005

Eckbert P.Dollhofer wrote:
> Hi,
> i have some content elements (text) which should be used several times 
> on different pages of a site. These content elements should only be 
> edited in one place but changes should apear on all pages where the 
> content element shows up.
> I already looked into the DAM extension but are not sure if that could 
> help here.
> How are you dealing with such things? I think such a feature is needed 
> quite often eg for default texts, contacts, links and so on.
> Greeting Eckbert

As much as I understand typo content element is unique entity. It does 
not matter how many times you displayed it arround your site. It is 
still unique. If you edit it from any of those pages the change will be 
visible on all pages. Anyway, it is easy to check it as I just did... 
Create two pages and insert some content element on both, edit the 
content element and check the result... Both pages show the updated 
version of the content element.

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