[Typo3] News update and Cache-Control Headers

Aldo Polli a.polli at mir.it
Thu Jul 28 11:13:37 CEST 2005

At 18.46 26/07/2005, Aldo Polli wrote:

>Consequently when I save a new news article, the cache for the home page is
>cleared but I can see the new article in the page only after issuing a
>force-reload of the browser.
>This happens because the Last-Modified header of the page doesn't change
>and the client-side caching still remains.

I have found a 'dirty' solution:
I use the hook of clearCachePostProc in the t3lib_tcemain class;
in my function I change the SYS_LASTCHANGED field of the pages.

Any comments will be appreciated.


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