[Typo3] File Ownership

Sean Ellis sellis at telus.net
Thu Jul 28 02:09:20 CEST 2005

Sandy Matheson wrote:
> We run a number of Typo3 installations on the same virtual server and
> need a way of managing disk quotas between these installations. The
> server is a Linux host running apache and we have full shell access.
> The setup of the virtual server allows us to set disk quotas against
> users, but I cannot get Typo3 to use a specific user exclusively.
> Typo3 writes files and folders as the 'web' user. I have tried setting
> [BE][createGroup] but this seems to have no effect and folders and
> files are still written as the 'web.web' user/group.
> Is there a way of forcing Typo3 to write to a specific user?

I think that this is an apache issue. You can associate different users 
with different virtual hosts; that might be the way to go. See:



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