[Typo3] Converting static site into Typo 3

Matthew Manderson matthew at manderson.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 21:55:16 CEST 2005

> Newbie converting a static site to typo3.  I have a number of questions.
> however how do I specify static news sidebar content to be editable via
> Typo3?.
I would try content left on the front page. What content goes on the sub 
pages? If you want it always to be your static news you can add pagecontent 
type on your sub pages that links back up to the front page content, one 
place to edit, but it will cascade to the sub pages. Or search for the 
extension that auto cascades the content down the tree until it is overridden 
on a sub page. I don't recall what it is called.

> Secondly, how do I add a second menu to a different part of the site (all
> dynamic, using the same html template, but not under the same heirarchy as
> the top Menu)?
1) The same as your menu 1 just choose a different level as a start point, or
2) You could try adding a menu content type on the page and build it that way.

> Thirdly, in the menus, how do I specify an element to appear, but not be
> clickable (e.g. just be a menu heading with out having a page attached to
> it)  e.g.:
Not sure on this one not tried it. Read 'Typoscript by example'. I think there 
is an example in there.

> Lastly, is there any way to have the Rich Text Editor output CSS code
> instead of <font> tags?
css styled content extension? Install it and then select it from the template 
> info modify > edit whole template record - bring it across from the select 

> Oh, and also - what's the best way to store a PDF file within Typo3 and
> make it accessible via a link on the site?  We want to be able to upload a
> pdf copy of our newsletter each month and swap it out from month to month.
I would try uploading the file to somewhere in your /fileadmin folder. Use the 
File > to get browsing. Then add a page content element of type filelist to 
browse for your file.

Hope this helps get you making more progress and welcome.


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