[Typo3] Protected download was: Form: pull <select>-options from PHP user-function

Felix Natter felix.natter at ldc.de
Wed Jul 27 17:22:06 CEST 2005

Daniel Doesburg <typo3 at doesburg.biz> writes:

> Felix Natter schreef:
> > hi,
> > I would like to have a download-form where the user enters some information
> > (name, email-address, maybe address...), and selects a file from a select-box.
> >
>   > any ideas are appreciated. Thanks,
> >
> Okay, an idea:
> Use the normal mailform contenttype.
> For the page-after use the VCD extension
> That means that the user can't see his filled form if he/she downloads a
> file. But is that a problem?
> Hope this may help you to find your solution.

thanks for suggestion! Meanwhile I tried two download-archive extensions
(vcd_archive and nf_downloads), but this solution has a problem:
the user can easily skip the registration by remembering the page id
of the download-page (or even place a bookmark).

So I need to look for another solution. I see two possible ways of doing it:

1. when the user submits the registration-form the download will immediately
  begin (still not 100% safe, but more difficult to trick). This requires that
  the user selects the download in the form.  I would need a way to pull the
  <select>-options from the DB or from a directory listing. Alternatively I
  could drop the idea of using a typo3-form and write a custom php-script for

2. I would create a group for FE-users ("customers"), and open up the
  download-page only for registered FE-users which are in that group. This would
  require adapting fe_users, and I'd need to track down the fe_users-record on
  each download.

Any ideas on this? Would 2. be too complex?

thanks in advance,

Felix Natter

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